Educational NLP at NAACL 2022

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Topics: automated item generation (AIG) automated short answer grading (ASAG) automated writing evaluation (AWE) complexity corpora grammatical error correction (GEC) language-learning programming speech text-simplification

  • Towards Process-Oriented, Modular, and Versatile Question Generation that Meets Educational Needs. Xu Wang, Simin Fan, Jessica Houghton, and Lu Wang [paper] AIG
  • Quiz Design Task: Helping Teachers Create Quizzes with Automated Question Generation. Philippe Laban, Chien-Sheng Wu, Lidiya Murakhovs’ka, Wenhao Liu, Caiming Xiong [paper] AIG
  • Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Question Generation with DomainData Selection and Self-training. Peide Zhu, Claudia Hauff [paper] AIG
  • The Case for a Single Model that can Both Generate Continuations and Fill-in-the-Blank. Daphne Ippolito, Liam Dugan, Emily Reif, Ann Yuan, Andy Coenen, Chris Callison-Burch [paper] AIG
  • Do Deep Neural Nets Display Human-like Attention in Short Answer Scoring?. Zijie Zeng, Xinyu Li, Dragan Gasevic, and Guanliang Chen [paper] ASAG
  • Multi-Relational Graph Transformer for Automatic Short Answer Grading. Rajat Agarwal, Varun Khurana, Karish Grover, Mukesh Mohania, Vikram Goyal [paper] ASAG
  • On the Use of Bert for Automated Essay Scoring: Joint Learning of Multi-Scale Essay Representation. Yongjie Wang, Chuan Wang, Ruobing Li, Hui Lin [paper] AWE
  • Many Hands Make Light Work: Using Essay Traits to Automatically Score Essays. Rahul Kumar, Sandeep Mathias, Sriparna Saha, and Pushpak Bhattacharyya [paper] AWE
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: The Case for Personalised Word Complexity Models. Sian Gooding and Manuel Tragut [paper] complexity
  • Complex Word Identification in Vietnamese: Towards Vietnamese Text Simplification. Phuong Nguyen, David Kauchak [paper] complexity
  • The USMLE® Step 2 Clinical Skills Patient Note Corpus. Victoria Yaneva, Janet Mee, Le An Ha, Polina Harik, Michael Jodoin, Alex Mechaber [paper] corpora
  • ErAConD: Error Annotated Conversational Dialog Dataset for Grammatical Error Correction. Xun Yuan, Derek Pham, Sam Davidson, and Zhou Yu [paper] corpora GEC
  • MuCGEC: a Multi-Reference Multi-Source Evaluation Dataset for Chinese Grammatical Error Correction. Yue Zhang, Zhenghua Li, Zuyi Bao, Jiacheng Li, Bo Zhang, Chen Li, Fei Huang, Min Zhang [paper] corpora GEC
  • CS1QA: A Dataset for Assisting Code-based Question Answering in an Introductory Programming Course. Changyoon Lee, Yeon Seonwoo, Alice Oh [paper] corpora programming
  • Frustratingly Easy System Combination for Grammatical Error Correction. Muhammad Reza Qorib, Seung-Hoon Na, Hwee Tou Ng [paper] GEC
  • Abstraction not Memory: BERT and the English Article System. Harish Tayyar Madabushi, Dagmar Divjak, Petar Milin [paper] language-learning
  • Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion for Thai using Neural Regression Models. Tomohiro Yamasaki [paper] speech
  • Controllable Sentence Simplification via Operation Classification. Liam Cripwell, Joël Legrand, Claire Gardent [paper] text-simplification