Ambassador Paper Award at the 17th BEA Workshop

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As we are part of the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE), every year we select an ambassador paper that will represent our society (SIGEDU) at another conference affiliated with a “sister” society from IAALDE. All BEA workshop attendees can vote for their favorite ambassador paper (either an oral presentation or a poster).

The following paper was voted the ambassador paper at the 17th BEA workshop:

Educational Multi-Question Generation for Reading Comprehension
by Manav Rathod, Tony Tu and Katherine Stasaski

The authors will be offered an opportunity to present their paper as a talk at another IAALDE conference in 2023.

The honorable mentions are:

#2. The Specificity and Helpfulness of Peer-to-Peer Feedback in Higher Education (Roman Rietsche, Andrew Caines, Cornelius Schramm, Dominik Pfütze and Paula Buttery)

#3. On Assessing and Developing Spoken ’Grammatical Error Correction’ Systems (Yiting Lu, Stefano Bannò and Mark Gales)

#3. Toward Automatic Discourse Parsing of Student Writing Motivated by Neural Interpretation (James Fiacco, Shiyan Jiang, David Adamson and Carolyn Rosé)

#3. Selecting Context Clozes for Lightweight Reading Compliance (Greg Keim and Michael Littman)

#4. Mitigating Learnerese Effects for CEFR Classification (Rricha Jalota, Peter Bourgonje, Jan van Sas and Huiyan Huang)

#5. Computationally Identifying Funneling and Focusing Questions in Classroom Discourse (Sterling Alic, Dorottya Demszky, Zid Mancenido, Jing Liu, Heather Hill and Dan Jurafsky)

#5. Automatically Detecting Reduced-formed English Pronunciations by Using Deep Learning (Lei Chen, Chenglin Jiang, Yiwei Gu, Yang Liu and Jiahong Yuan)

#5. Educational Tools for Mapuzugun (Cristian Ahumada, Claudio Gutierrez and Antonios Anastasopoulos)

#5. Towards an open-domain chatbot for language practice (Gladys Tyen, Mark Brenchley, Andrew Caines and Paula Buttery)